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Mr. Raynald Truchon began manufacturing 5-piece cabinet doors with relief carvings under the company name Cuisines Excel Inc in 1997.  Their primary goals were to offer a larger selection of products to their clients and rise above the local market.  The first doors were made of laminate, which is a highly-resistant material, but offers limited moulding options constraining door model and style versatility.


In June of 2002, the company began using polyester, a material more malleable than laminate. This change allowed the company to manufacture doors with increased detail and style.


This is the same polyester doors that Excelsius and Kalidor offer today.


Thereafter, Lecxeco Inc. was created in April of 2004 to separate the kitchen and bathroom cabinet production operations, from the cabinet door operations, which are sold to kitchen cabinet manufacturers.


Subsequently, projects such as expansions, equipment acquisitions and hiring new staff, all became part of daily corporate interactions.   These achievements led to significant growth in sales for Lecxeco. By acquiring a greater market share, Lecxeco quickly became a leader in the industry.


The ever-increasing demand for Lecxeco products forced the corporate executives to make an important decision in July 2010: close the kitchen and bathroom cabinet department. This shift in focus was to develop and market the new Moderno Collection.


The new collection’s arrival also marks the beginning of the “slab style” trend in cabinet doors: a one-piece door, without relief carvings, offering a modern feel and streamlined look.


With the rapidly changing kitchen cabinet industry and new materials available on the market, such as glossy or super mat finish panels from Europe, updates to methods in manufacturing and production equipment are required on a regular basis.


This is why in January of 2015, Lecxeco acquired a new edgebander with a PUR gluing system.  This technologically advanced equipment allows for doors to be manufactured without visible glue lines and that surpass North American standards.


In 2016, Lecxeco offers their clientele over 150 colors, 25 door model varieties and 10 different textures across a dozen collections.  The wide range of products, combined with second to none top-quality service, enables the company to retain a leading position in the kitchen and bathroom cabinet industry.



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